A story of poverty, debt, education, and life choices

I was raised by my grandparents-a household in which the influence of the Great Depression still echoed. Through work, diligence, common sense, and industriousness, my family developed a form of wealth, but you might not recognize it.

The way we think of the writer life may influence our approach to it

A post wherein I try to communicate my thoughts about how and why it’s impossible for us to communicate, and the reality that results from that.

A post in which I left the garbage disposal on, and we can all be kinder, better people.

Notes from an Author on the Road

(one particular thriller author’s approach)

#camperlife #AuthorOnTheRoad — Kevin Tumlinson

Trying Something New: #camperlife #AuthorOnTheRoad, includes logo for AuthorOnTheRoad.com

A Guide for Employees and Employers (and Authors, Too)

Kevin Tumlinson

Kevin Tumlinson is a bestselling & award-winning thriller author, host of the Wordslinger Podcast, and the Voice of Indie Publishing. Visit kevintumlinson.com.

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